Bladder Surgeries and Diversions

Urostomy – The bladder is removed or bypassed requiring an external pouch. Either a section at the end of the small bowel (ileum) or at the beginning of the large intestine (cecum) is surgically removed and relocated as a passageway (conduit) for urine to pass from the kidneys to the outside of the body through a stoma. It may include removal of the diseased bladder. 

Continent Urostomy (Indiana or Kock) – The bladder is removed or bypassed; an internal conduit is constructed from the small or large intestine to be evacuated through the abdominal wall.

Orthotopic Neobladder – A replacement bladder, made from a section of intestine, that substitutes for the bladder in its normal position and is connected to the urethra to allow voiding through the normal channel, technically not an ostomy. 

As a confused ostomate 18 years ago my WOCN urged me to go to a MMOA meeting.  I attend regularly to learn and to contribute to others.