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Ann Sloane, LCSW-C, a psychotherapist specializing in health issues. Thank you, Ann, for sharing your expertise and sensitive presentation to Metro Maryland members.


1. Learn the basics of your ostomy care. Practice your skills. Build your confidence.

2. Anticipate solutions to potential problems. Practice them too.

3. Live life. Hold onto your goals. Problem solve, as necessary.

4. Have compassion for yourself as you discover and embrace your “new normal.”

5. If you have an intimate partner, communicate honestly with one another - you may both have new feelings and needs.

6. Know you are not alone. Use your ostomy support system for seeking and sharing help with special issues, e.g. insurance, intimacy, airport scanners, skin breakdown, scuba diving, paid caregivers, self acceptance.

7. Take advantage of professional sources of support for further help with medical, emotional, relational or spiritual issues.

8. Acknowledge that having an ostomy has contributed to your life - the positive and the negative.

9. Use your experience to help yourself and others.

10. Consider becoming a systems advocate for issues important to many living with an ostomy.

I’ve been a member of MMOA for nearly 14 yrs, even though moving away 3 yrs ago. I read each newsletter, and always cheer you on.