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When the Metro Maryland office moved we re-discovered many original newsletters of 37 years ago. If you are a new ostomate or an ostomate for more than 37 years or those in between you enjoy all the benefits of membership in an ostomy group and of the continuing technical improvements of ostomy equipment and supplies. It is good to be reminded of all who have gone before us establishing ostomy support groups. These dedicated persons may have had an ostomy; some did not. Some were spouses of ostomates or were ETs/WOCNs.

Here are a few of the “firsts” of Metro Maryland:

  • July 21, 1974 – The planning meeting for beginning Metro Maryland was attended by 20 individuals from Prince Georges and Montgomery Counties, conducted by our founder, Horace Saunders, American Cancer Society Advisor at the time. The American Cancer Society was instrumental in helping and supporting this endeavor.
  • September 8, 1974 – The first meeting: election of officers, 4 medical advisors introduced. (We are proud that one of those medical advisors continues to serve and is now chairman; Bernard Heckman, M.D.)
  • October 7, 1974 – The first Teen-Ostomy Association meeting: 8 attended including Horace Saunders, Glenda Motta, ET at Montgomery Health Dept and 6 young ostomates. By December, 1974 there were many young members who wrote of their appreciation and gratitude for Horace and the Association.
  • October 13, 1974 – First meeting held at Washington Adventist Hospital’s new wing at the invitation of the Administrator of the hospital. Elected Officers: A.C.S. Advisor, Horace Saunders; Newsletter Editor, Deena Freedman; Appliance Chair, Alvin Craig; Co-Treasurers, Trudy Seskin and Helen Carroll.
  • October 21, 1974 – A series of visitation training programs were underway.
  • November 10, 1974 – Dr. Heckman addressed the 40 persons in attendance discussing the physician’s point of view toward ostomy care. The membership totaled 50 and 2 new doctors and 4 newly accredited Enterstomal Nurses were added to the Medical Advisory Board.

I’ve been a member of MMOA for nearly 14 yrs, even though moving away 3 yrs ago. I read each newsletter, and always cheer you on.