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Adapted from Beloit Memorial Hospital Ostomy Group bulletin, Beloit, WI via “Rosebud Review”, Eau Claire, WI

The best known relief for mundane, everyday stress is nothing more complicated than someone to pal around with. The basic human need for playmates - childhood or adult versions - serves us well in helping us deal with day-to-day troubles.

We need strong emotional support from our friends in stressful times; when some major life event has occurred, such as death of a loved one, or loss of a job. But in more ordinary times, troubles can be relieved by companionship, someone to go to a movie with, for example. In those situations, talking doesn’t reduce distress as much as having a friend to do something fun with. In fact, talking too much about small troubles actually can make them worse. What we often need is distraction, something that gets our minds on something else. A companion with shared interests is usually just the ticket.

I’ve been a member of MMOA for nearly 14 yrs, even though moving away 3 yrs ago. I read each newsletter, and always cheer you on.