Support: What We Provide

  • fellowship with an ostomy “family”
  • support and suggestions from local ostomates
  • a bimonthly newsletter with excellent articles from national and local physicians, surgeons, and WOCNs
  • valuable tips and “how-tos” from ostomates
  • the latest regarding Alternate Procedures
  • contact information for local ostomy clinics where WOCNs advise about the management and care of ostomies
  • contact information for local and national ostomy suppliers and manufacturers.

Why Do We Meet? - Metro Maryland

  • Our presence is encouragement to others.
  • No matter how long ago your surgery, no matter how many meetings you have attended, there’s always information to be gained.
  • Keep up on newer developments and hear the speakers who are invited with information pertinent to ostomates.
  • We may have questions and problems that can be asked and answered at the meeting or researched.
  • Give support and encouragement to the volunteers (leaders and trained visitors) and to each other.
  • Be role models for new ostomates to show an active life can continue.
  • See that many of those who were in trouble are now helping others.
  • Learn what’s new in management equipment.
  • Feel good with our peer support group.
  • Experience a sense of accomplishment and renew a positive attitude for life and fulfillment.

Suggested Support $40 per year - May to April

As an all-volunteer organization, additional donations are gratefully accepted.

Metro Maryland Ostomy Association is an IRS Recognized 501(c)3 Organization and all contributions are 100% tax deuctable.

Want to know more?

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Marvelous, inspiring persons introduced me to MMOA: my ET nurse, my visitor, its founder.  I volunteer to show my gratitude to them.