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Marvelous, inspiring persons introduced me to MMOA: my ET nurse, my visitor, its founder.  I volunteer to show my gratitude to them. 

— SUE R.

As a confused ostomate 18 years ago my WOCN urged me to go to a MMOA meeting.  I attend regularly to learn and to contribute to others. 


MMOA and all affiliated are great! In times of challenges there is always someone to help - gladly, with experience and much humor. 


Upon moving to Maryland from Rochester NY where I had my ostomy surgery in 1996 I learned about Metro Maryland from a caring and knowledgeable WOCN, Sharon Johnson, at Sibley Hospital.  I had expected to have my ostomy reversed but after 3 surgeries and a perforated bladder I had to accept the fact that I would need Metro Maryland.  I had volunteered in NY with the ostomy group and I volunteer whenever I can at MMOA because I enjoy the people and I believe in it completely. 

— DON B.

Metro Maryland members are especially grateful for our unique organization.  Here is a congenial group that shows a desire for information and friendly contact with ostomates who understand our physical needs and concerns.  Scheduled meetings and our bimonthly newsletter provide continuing educational and helpful data.  We anticipate eagerly future gatherings and the next issue of the newsletter.  The newsletter is a welcome reminder of the bond, special interests and good will that we share. 


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Coming to a MMOA meeting I see how others are not just coping but living a full life. It gives me confidence I can tackle any obstacle.