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You may print a new Travel Communication Card from the UOAA website . On the UOAA Home page, in the the "NEWS" box, under the video you will find "Download UOAA's new Travel Communication Card to aid in dealing with airline security." Within follow... READ MORE


S. Palm Beach County, via Metro Maryland Change your equipment 24 hours before you depart to locate leaky wafers, flanges falling off, etc. Take twice as many supplies as you think you'll need. Carry supplies on the plane. Never, never pack supplies in the suitcase you... READ MORE


via S. Brevard, FL and Metro Maryland Cancer appears in the bladder more often than in any other organ of the urinary system. It is one of the more common forms of cancer among men. It occurs about twice as often in men as women. It occurs after the age of 50 about 90% of the... READ MORE


Elizabeth McConnel, RN, ET, via Anent, NY and Metro MD Ever try to get into a comfortable position in bed, only to find that your tummy flab or appliance seems to pull when you are on your side. Don't let it cramp your style. Happiness could just turn out to be a... READ MORE


by Pamela Mowers , M.S. , Psychologist Advertising Chair, Kankakee Ostomy Association , IL, 2007, via Pouch, VA and Metro Maryland Recovery from long periods of illness, numerous surgeries, and unexpected set-backs can go on for a lifetime for some; for others, bouncing... READ MORE

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After 19 years, words cannot adequately address the positive influence that MMOA has had on me prior to and following my surgery.