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MMOA has been a Godsend for me.  I am an ostomate (an ileostomy) since 1983 when I was a mother of two small children and overwhelmed with the entire ordeal!  I had Horace and Vi Saunders at my fingertips--just a phone call away. They were incredibly helpful to me! 

Also after attending a few MMOA meetings I felt the confidence to go swimming and knew that I could travel when I was ready.  All of your help, support and kindness have made all the difference to me.  I know that I am not alone in this challenging journey.  


As a member of MMOA for over 20 years and a volunteer/hospital visitor for 20, I have been privileged to see first hand the many benefits that MMOA has brought to thousands of ostomates in our area, as well as throughout the country and internationally, from both ends of the spectrum--in receiving the help I needed and in giving back. The meetings and the newsletters give us much needed advice and helpful information, all made possible through the efforts of the cordial staff, the dedicated volunteers, and in sharing with fellow ostomates.  


I was referred to MMOA 18 years ago after cancer surgery that resulted in an ostomy. The experience at MMOA was priceless. I became knowledgeable of ostomy care both physical and psychological of which I willingly share with new ostomates at every opportunity.


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Marvelous, inspiring persons introduced me to MMOA: my ET nurse, my visitor, its founder.  I volunteer to show my gratitude to them.