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The Youth Rallies I have attended meant a LOT to me!  They helped me to feel not so alone.  Before I had these opportunities I didn’t know there were many children who had the same surgery. I realized there were many others like me.  It was wonderful to feel that I was part of a group.  It gave me a chance to make new friends.  I still keep in contact with a good friend whom I met there.   We live miles apart but keep in touch by phone.  Going to the rallies also let me see other parts of the country, my favorite is California.  I appreciated the Ostomy nurses who attended and were so supportive.  These are very nice memories and I treasure them.  I thank all of those in MMOA who helped make this possible.  


In 1976 I had ileostomy surgery in Indiana.  The ostomy group there “pulled me out of a deep hole.”  My job then moved me to Dallas TX and South Padre Island.  I was a volunteer visitor there in the Veterans Hospital.  After retirement I came to Richmond VA and then moved to Silver Spring MD. I was an active member in all of the ostomy associations in all of these locations and it gave me a wonderful overview and appreciation of the work of ostomy associations.  I was pleasantly surprised that Metro Maryland Ostomy Association members represent a wide range of ethnic groups reaching many people. I didn’t find this in my previous ostomy groups.  Nor did they have the helpful separate ostomy discussion groups.  At age 92 I still desire and am able to help and volunteer where I can. 

— RAY S.

In retrospect, going to Metro MD meetings after surgery for cancer was the single best thing I did to rehabilitate myself for a normal life.  That was in 1988, I was 48 years old. Now I give thanks for the friends and companions I have met on the journey since then--through the organization.  


July 13, 2011 marked the 10th year since I traded my colon for a stoma, and I feel fortunate and blessed for every year that goes by. I was too sick to attend MMOA meetings at first, but my wife attended and reported back to me many suggestions from the members that proved very helpful. I have attended almost every meeting since then hoping to encourage and help others.  


In 1995 a volunteer from MMOA took the time to visit me in the hospital and discuss the purpose of this organization while inviting me to attend a meeting. This venue provided a place where I could vent my feelings without suffering guilt about burdening friends.  The human element of connecting with other ostomates to share my ideas, feelings, and listen to their coping strategies has made me realize that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you respond.  


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MMOA and all affiliated are great! In times of challenges there is always someone to help - gladly, with experience and much humor.